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Cutting Through the Edu Babble to Get to What is Most Important

14 Nov 2019 15:28 | Anonymous

For today's "Throwback Thursday", we are looking back at a great article by CGC Member School Colegio Maya - as they asked What is most important to learn?”


"We at Colegio Maya, along with all Common Ground Collaborative schools, continue to drive everything we do from one question. “What is most important to learn?”. Whether we are focusing on conceptual learning, building competencies, fostering character traits or all three simultaneously we are focused on providing learning experiences that matter. Communicating this important learning is our biggest challenge and continues to be the biggest challenge globally for Pk-12 schools. High school is the most difficult as higher education requirements dictate certain protocols of communication. Regardless of all that surrounds the communication of learning, we at Colegio Maya will never let up on our drive to provide connected, meaningful, personalised learning experiences for all community members. We learn together, we struggle together, we celebrate together and most of all we focus on what matters most for our children, together. “What is most important to learn?” a question that drives everything we do at Colegio Maya.

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