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Over the last few years we have grown the CGC slowly and steadily, working in a range of schools around the world who had requested an early partnership. As we worked together we were constantly learning, constantly refining. In effect we were co-creating the CGC, the Design Team working in deep sustained partnerships with the schools.

The benefit of these early years of working quietly together is that we now know what works best. We have assembled a team of world-class writers and designers. We have learned together how to co-create new contexts with and for schools. We have worked out how to generate a school-based, customised Learning Ecosystem that provides both the inspiration and the plan for organising all aspects of learning, teaching, assessing and leading for learning

The products and processes of all that co-creation are now being made available to all schools that wish to join the Collaborative. The sum total of our collaborative work is a radically different kind of organisation, which empowers schools by sharing great ideas for real learning at the student, adult and organisational level, but which imposes nothing.

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When thinking about an appropriate fee structure, we returned, as always to principles. Rather than just set out a fee table, we have explained the CGC Financial Principles alongside the fees that we believe reflect those principles.

The Affordability Principle

There are students, teachers, schools we are supporting through our Serving Learning System. They are located in regions of self-identified need and low economic resources. They deserve access to the best learning, but they don’t have the means to pay for that access. We provide these schools with free access to the CGC learning base.

Become a CGC Follower to have access to the core materials.

The Commitment Principle

There is no point in joining the Collaborative unless you are serious about improving learning in your school. That takes time and commitment from you and us. We ask you to make a three-year commitment when joining, though we only ask you to pay on an annual basis.

The Transparency Principle

Everything we do is transparent. All our fees are published on our website. That saves time and energy otherwise misspent clarifying “consultancy” fees every time we form a new partnership.

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The Scalability Principle

Not too little, not too much, just right – our membership fees are scaled according to school size. That’s not an infallible system for the purposes of fairness, but we like to keep things simple.

See the membership fees below.


Our annual membership fees are charged in euro.

0-99 students 

€1.500 / YEAR

3-year payment
5% discount = €225,00

100 - 299

€ 2.750 / year

3-year payment
5% discount - €412,50

300 - 599

€4.000 / year

3-year payment
5% discount  - €600,00

600 - 899

€5.250 / year

3-year payment
5% discount  - €787,50

900 – 1199

€6.750 / year

3-year payment
5% discount - €1.012,50

Over 1,200

€8.000 / year

3-year payment
5% discount  - €1.200,00

CGC: The Antidote to Bureaucracy

When schools join CGC, they retain total independence and control. We are guided by a few shared principles, not constrained by multiple rules and regulations. We ensure quality not through redundant authorisation processes, but by working with accrediting agencies and schools to ensure that our members are fully prepared to meet accreditation standards. We make schooling simpler, by focussing on learning impact, so that, in our member schools, the stop-doing list is often longer than the to-do list. Our goal is simple: more learning, less stress...no wonder some call us The Common-Sense Collaborative.

School MembershiP

Join the CGC to co-create new contexts for your school. Work with our learning ecosystem to get all aspects of learning, leading, teaching, and assessing organised.

CGC School Members

Please sign up to be a CGC School Member below.

As a member, what do we join?

When a school joins the CGC, it does not adopt a programme…although it does gain access to all the connected learning processes and products needed to build one, organised into a connected Learning Ecosystem.  CGC members join a growing conversation, among dedicated educators and innovators, working together to optimise learning for all learning stakeholders in a school community, children and adult. Collectively, we are supporting each other in moving from complexity to simplicity, from silos to systems, from external rules to internal principles, from a focus on frantic activity to a focus on focussed learning impact. More learning, less stress.

How do we work with the CGC?

We work onsite and online to co-create everything from a focused, distinctive school identity, to an effective, efficient Board-Leader partnership, to positive, supportive PTA’s, to powerful Co-Curricular Programmes...and everything in-between. In short, we support schools in co-creating every aspect of a connected school. For a list of the full workshops please log into the CGC Community.

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