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Culture, Strategy, Breakfast

31 Dec 2019 14:02 | Anonymous

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" according to Peter Senge. While we may intuitively sense the truth of this, our actions tend to reflect a classic knowing-doing gap. Instead of spending our  time, energy and intelligence on the slow, steady construction of a school learning culture shared by students, parents, leaders, governors, teachers, we feel compelled to act on the next project...developing a new this, tweaking an old that...and then we wonder why our work never has the learning impact we hoped. Initiatives fail, leaders move on, teachers develop initiative fatigue...because the underlying culture never shifted.

But things are changing. Schools in the CGC community are re-thinking...and starting from scratch. They're slowing things down and engaging their faculties and communities in a new beginning...shaped by arguably the two most important features of any culture: shared values and a common language..informed by the Learning Principles and Learning Definitions of the CGC.

One example is the video below, from Lincoln School, Buenos Aires, with others to follow. It's a privilege to be collaborating with these innovative schools and seeing the sustained impact of putting culture first.

Watch the Video below.

This was originally posted 28 August 2017

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