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It’s Alive! The School as a Living, Learning Organism

31 Dec 2019 14:44 | Anonymous

OK, it’s obvious. Schools are full of living people, so they are living organisms. Sure, superficially, but most of the time we don’t treat them that way. In any true living system, all elements have a key and critical role, a function that keeps the organism alive and evolving. Not so with schools. Most schools are more silo than system, more gap than connection, more separation than synergy.

CGC is changing that. In schools all over the world we are working  with representatives of all learning stakeholders to create a common, connected culture.That means breaking the mold. It means reaching across traditional boundaries to speak to all people in the system. In the same room. At the same time. It means telling our learning stories…together. Developing our learning principles…together. Defining learning, in simple terms that give us a common learning language with which to communicate…together.

Together we map out learning ecosystems. We ask: ‘What transportable gifts does each team of learning stakeholders bring to the community?’ ‘What kind of community shall we co-create, using those gifts?’. Together we come to understand our complementary, connected roles, and how we can collaborate in the most effective, efficient ways to create and sustain a truly great learning culture.

This work is new, different, powerful. It closes gaps, connects siloes, brings people together. It honours everyone’s contribution. It generates new missions, visions, plans, focused on learning, expressed in simple, common language. It creates schools that are healthy, living organisms, with all learning stakeholders contributing to the optimum. It creates schools that are alive.

Kevin Bartlett
CGC Design Team/NFI Design Team

Originally posted 17 May 2018

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