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Great School, Great PTA: Creating Community in Cuba

3 Jan 2019 15:56 | Anonymous

Within the CGC, we see schools as evolving ecosystems, mutually interdependent living organisms where every stakeholder group plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the community. When it comes to powerful, engaging learning conversations, perhaps the most under-recognised group is the PTA, those willing volunteers who are constantly working to build community.

At the International School of Havana, in September, we set out to change all that. The entire leadership team joined the PTA leaders and the volunteer Room Parents for an interactive workshop on the vital contributions that parent volunteers bring to a school. We told our stories, developed shared principles and mapped out "who does what?" in a great school.

The role of the PTA in relationship-building, fostering genuine communication, friend-raising and community-building was recognised and celebrated. We looked at how the PTA and the Leadership Team can collaborate to support families optimally at every stage of their experience with the school, from initial attraction to eventual transition into a pro-active alumni community.

For all concerned, this engaging PTA/Leadership learning conversation was a first, but, as everyone agreed, not the last. Great schools reach across traditional boundaries and talk openly, honestly, frequently to all learning stakeholders. An active, positive PTA has a vital role in creating and sustaining a great school. The International School of Havana is mapping its path to greatness…and making sure everyone is joining in the journey.

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